Counseling Support Services for Organizations

Services For Professionals

We offer a variety of trainings, including crisis de-escalation and trauma-informed care, to help you and your team maintain a safe and beneficial environment for all.

Grounded in Community Mental Health, we offer licensure supervision for Clinical Social Work Associates and Counseling Interns to promote professional growth and development.

Ancora offers trauma-informed care consultations to help professionals of all kinds create a welcoming and safe environment for their patients and clients.

Ancora Counseling and Therapy Services strives to make individuals and the communities in which they live happier, safer spaces. This is why we offer professional support to aspiring social workers and counselors, training for businesses and organizations, and trauma-informed care consultation. Great mental health care requires well-trained and supervised clinicians, staff, and volunteers.

The stigma and foreign nature of mental health still exists and impairs consumers’ ability to receive quality care. Barriers are created which prevent them from accessing supports: Environments are triggering or unwelcoming. Staff need training to create a welcoming first-impression. Getting individuals in the door is one of the most important aspects of keeping your wellness, medical, or holistic practice open. Creating that welcoming, safe space can insure that they are stopped at the door, but they also come back again and again.

Business training and supervision needs are complex. After years of working with a diverse range of populations and experiences, Ancora clinicians can provide their expertise in mental health issues, crisis and de-escalation, boundaries and ethics, homelessness, law enforcement, and more. By providing a strong foundation in training in these areas, you are preparing your staff for what to expect, giving them the tools to handle various situations, and preventing bad situations from becoming catastrophic.  How prepared are you, your staff, or your volunteers to address a crisis in your office? What training do you have to support a voice-hearer?

Professional support offers something for each level of your business or organization and will be tailored individually for your staff and clientele.  The clients will be better supported and feel more at ease. Your staff will feel confident, knowing they have the tools and resources to address situations, as well as take care of themselves in their work.  You, as a business owner or manager, will know that you are covered from hearing the phrase “Well they didn’t train me for that”.

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