What to do when the Boogeyman is real

When the boogeyman is real This blog post is timely, but also timeless. It’s a challenge I face with every client from time-to-time, but particularly those with anxiety.  It’s when I am trying to encourage interruption of established patterns or introducing the concept of cognitive distortions and the universe validates their worldview. (Crap.) So how do we address anxiety when the boogeyman is real? The individual afraid of cars… gets…

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Goal Setting Done Right

Goal setting done right: SMART goals If goal setting is your thing for 2020, let’s do it right. For many who have worked with us, goal setting happens in the earliest sessions. Often it starts as fairly broad- I enjoy asking how my clients know when they can “fire me”, AKA, graduate. For those that have an idea of this in their heads already, then it’s time to figure out…

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GUEST BLOG: Tune in to Your Cycle

Do you ever feel like a different person every day? I know I do, and there’s a good reason for that. In our menstrual cycle, our hormones are changing everyday, and with that can come changes in our mood, our energy, and our productivity. Even if you’re not having monthly menstrual cycles, you can use the cycles of the moon to tune in to how your body is changing throughout…

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