GUEST BLOG: Tune in to Your Cycle

Do you ever feel like a different person every day? I know I do, and there’s a good reason for that. In our menstrual cycle, our hormones are changing everyday, and with that can come changes in our mood, our energy, and our productivity. Even if you’re not having monthly menstrual cycles, you can use the cycles of the moon to tune in to how your body is changing throughout…

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Benefits of Music on Mental Health

After a long day, regardless of my mood, I select a playlist and tell Alexa to turn up the volume while I work in the kitchen. Some days I dance while chopping vegetables, other days I contemplate lyrics quietly while scrubbing pots. I know that this part of my routine is important to my overall well-being. I also try to get out to listen to music live on a regular…

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Motherhood, Identity and Mental Health

Mental health When we discuss mental health and motherhood, the conversation often veers (as it should) to postpartum depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. There are studies and amazing supports for these conditions and I hope all mothers who are thinking that it’s a bit more than “baby blues” or “first baby anxiety” seek out these resources and access them. Go see your doctor. Talk to your partner. Accept…

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